Thursday, 31 December 2009

Really Red - Teaching You the Fear (1981)

If I could time travel I'd definately go back to Texas in the early 80's, not because I want to be a cowboy, although watching Roy Rogers at Saturday morning cinema did have an impact, but not that much. Anyway, Texas, what was it about that place that produced such a diversity of style? Big Boys, Dicks, MDC, Really Red all pretty much unique.

Whilst the others may be well written about, Really Red don't get that much exposure, try a net search to see what I mean....yet they should, as they were equally as important as any band you care to mention. 

They didn't release a single dud, but I think this is their best release. I'd be hard pushed to describe what they sound like, suffice to say they are NOT your typical hardcore/punk sound, they are unique.  They were a political band, but the politics never managed to over shadow the music. It's a real shame that after they split that none of them went on to notable bands......and a even bigger suprise.

Really Red were an amazing band and remain a huge favourite.


As an added extra, here's the lyrics to the album. Lyrics


  1. Really Red were amazing. Not a duff track was recorded by them. Just think, The Hates, Really Red, Big Boys, Dicks, MDC, Offenders, DRI and many more came from Texas. Must have been something in the water. Alot of them would end up moving to San Francisco though, which I always thought was strange

  2. I guess LA was too extreme for them :)

  3. yeah i dunno why half the bands moved to san fransisco - just to go squat in an abandoned building. you could have done that here in houston! half of em moved back anyway. really red though. real deal