Monday, 28 December 2009

The Stukas

I really can't remember how I came by this band, I think it was nothing more than being on the Chiswick label, who'd released some diamonds. They're more pub rock than punk rock, but from the first hearing I was hooked. Klean Livin kids is pure gold.

Here are their 3 7'' to enjoy.

The band were: -

Paul Brown - Vocals
Mick Smithers  - Lead Guitar
Raggy Lewis - Rhythm Guitar
Kevin Allen - Bass
John Mackie - Drums



  1. Yeah great band... I like these too and have this single. I am just writing a follow up book to my 'Our Generation' book (available on amazon) and want to include something on The Stukas playing at the Doncaster Outlook and Rotherham Windmill club in 1977. Does anyone have any more info on these dates, or maybe went?? contact me at if anything to say

  2. Hi.. Nice to see there's still a bit of enthusiasm for The Stukas out there! Wish I could help with some details of those gigs but we toured pretty much non-stop and it's all a bit of a blur now... Kevin Allen (Bass Player,Stukas and Blast Furnace and The Heatwaves).

  3. Great great band, thanks for the music. Anything unreleased int he vaults Kevin?

  4. can you reup this please ?!
    many thanx !!!!!

  5. Thanks for the upload ! Klean Living Kids is one of my favorites !
    You can't hear that song dead. Also the others are great !
    Kevin, I do have the same request as Neil.
    Are there any unreleased studio tracks or at least a live recording somewhere available ?
    If yes,I would love to get/hear them !
    Many Thanks

  6. Sorry man, If there are any I haven't come across them yet. I do know there's a live gig, but haven't been able to get that either.