Saturday, 4 June 2011

Adolescents - Fastest kid Alive (2011) - hopefully

According to rumours/reports this album is just about to be released.......can't wait as their last effort was the best since their first. There's more of the album on youtube btw


  1. The wait for this release has been maddening! Here's to hoping they get this out soon. One of my alltime faves.
    Ken Days Of Our Youth

  2. Looks like end of July/early August.

  3. Hi Neil
    Ive managed to snag a download of this album the first 2 tracks are killer tunes then to me it just tails off. Not that its a bad album by any shot but the Adolescents have done far better.

    Daz (Sedated)

  4. Hi Daz, yeah I managed to grab a copy yesterday and wasn't bowled over at first, I'm still not tbh, but it's really grown on me after a few listens. It's not OC Confidential, but it's way better than Brats or Balboa (not hard really for that one).

    I like it. Drop me a mail please I'm curious as to where you picked up your copy :)

  5. I also ordered a copy from amazon...pricey at £18.5 quid!!! but hey it's nice to have a new one to play.