Thursday, 2 June 2011

Salvation Army - Mind Gardens 7'' (1981)

I first heard this 7'' 30 years ago, I feel old, and its sublime beauty just blew me away; 30 years later I'm still blown away.

Released in 1981 on the Minutemen's New Alliance label the band consisted of: -

Michael Quercio - Vocals/Bass
John Blazing - Guitar
Troy Howell - Drums

The band were teenagers at this time and were signed to Frontier soon after this 7'' where they released their first album.

For obvious reasons a forced name change ensued and they became The Three O'Clock who were leading lights of the Paisley Underground scene which exploded in the early 80's with bands such as Rain Parade, The Bangles, Green on Red etc. The Three O' Clock were a little too polished for me, but this single is stunning, still.



  1. Awesome stuff. This is the only way I can comment with Google for some reason. Keep up the great work Neil.
    Ken Days Of Our Youth

  2. Good luck getting that fixed Ken. I posted a suggestion on your blog...hope you can see it.

  3. Yeah I saw that. I am trying!