Saturday, 4 June 2011


Can't wait (again)......lifted from the Dischord site: -

Scream will be releasing an EP of new material on SideOneDummy Records. The "Complete Control Session" was recorded live by Dave Grohl for the Complete Control Radio show and will be released on 10" vinyl and digitally on August 16th.


  1. I saw this listed the other day!! I am sooo stoked. They have been playing shows all around the US and from what I have heard, they have been killing it!
    Ken Days Of Our Youth

  2. The wife and went to see Scream play in Austin last November. They played two really good new songs. I hope that they are on the upcoming release!

  3. I am so envious Conv, I'd love to see tham again. Who was in them this time around?

  4. It was the original line up with the addition of a second guitarist. While I really dig all their records, the set remained almost exclusively from the first two releases with the addition of two songs I presume to be on the upcoming release. The show was not greatly attended but the band played to the 200 people as if they were 2000. The wife and I drove down to Austin to see the Fun Fun Fun Fest and Scream were playing one of the after parties. Scream were the highlight of the weekend. I missed them during their original incarnation so seeming them now was for me something I had wanted to do since I was a teenager. I cannot express enough how much I would like to see them again!