Saturday, 4 June 2011

Manifesto (Michael Hampton, Bert Queiroz, Ivor Hanson)

So back to these guys, I posted their album here a long time ago.

Burn was their first 7'' released in '89; the b side, Long Time, appeared on their album, but this version is slightly rougher. I've also lumped in their first 12'', History.

Michael Hampton would be in my top guitarists list, along with Tom Lyle. I still don't get why they stopped making music, but hey, I'm thankful for what they've given.

If anyone has a copy of their second 12'', Walking Backwards, please hook me up. :)



  1. Cheers for these. Good records. First heard on Peel then went out and bought both of these.
    Long lost to the movement of time.
    jb (JAPAN)

  2. Hey JB, apologies, I totally missed this comment. I'm glad you like the downloads, judging by the download rate we're in the minority. :)

  3. Thanks for this. My old band played with them in the 90's. They were cool guys. Didn't they go on to a project called Clear?

  4. No problem Earthdog. Yes, they did go onto Clear and try as I might I can't track down anything by them.

    I was trying to think where I know your name from and I believe it's 30underdc...right??