Monday, 11 January 2010

Aces - One Way Street (1981)

While Menace were still together three of the band: -

Steve Tannett - Guitar
Charlie Casey - Bass
Noel Martin - Drums

....played as the backup band to Vermilion as Vermilion & the Aces, releasing two 7''. After that stint finished and during which time Morgan Webster had left Menace, they produced this single as the Aces. I, like most other punks, loved Menace, so when this was released I snapped it up from the wonderful small wonder mail order service.

I wasn't disappointed, this is a great new wave effort.  Bloody annoying that they left so few recordings as the Aces and Menace. Slackers!



  1. Thanks got them somewhere on a mod - sampler

  2. Neil.....

    If you ever come across Modern Minds from Canada........get it!!!

    (there a bit Modernettes / Pointed Sticks alike )

    The Girls From Tahiti blog had it on his blog and it's great. Maybe you know them...maybe not

    He removed his posts from 2009

    But they're cool..maybe you can ask him for posting it again

  3. Topper, I've got the Theresas World 7'' there anything else by them? I don't know the girls from tahiti...I'm not a huge surfer.

    I only know Kenny and Longy from an old forum and longy cos his football team is shit.

  4. lol OI! So it is you after all. Hello me old mate. How are you diddling? Kenny just mentioned you on a post on his blog so I recognised your name. I haven't been on TP for months now - just can't be bothered with it all. Been too busy blogging myself.

    Sorry to hear about your mate on the post at the top of your blog.

    Oh and well done NUFC for getting back to the promised land. Can they stay here this time?

  5. Of course we can, now put on some cor blimey trousers and dance me a jig you cockney monkey :P

  6. ha ha great to see you all here again old friends and meet a new one, N: Quite Excellent Blog here Friend