Friday, 8 January 2010

Fastbacks - Play Five of their Favorites (1982)

Another mightly No Threes release and another mighty release by the Fastbacks. This is their second and was subsidised by a friend of the band. By now Duff had moved on, maybe to the Fartz or the Veins...I can't remember at the moment and I'm too lazy to walk across the room and look at the vinyl.

Anyway Duff was replaced by Richard Stuverud, who'd stay with the band for quite a long time, in Fastbacks terms, but would be one of the million drummers they had. Richard was one of four primary drummers and you can tell the difference from a "real" drummer and a bassist playing drums from their first release.

With some backing In America from this release could have been a hit. It's a great song and all five tracks are superb.



  1. Keep on posting Fastbacks stuff. I lost all my files when my external crashed awhile back. For those that love The Buzzcocks, then you will dig The Fastbacks!!! Nice one!

  2. Will do Kenny. I've got a couple more in the pipeline and as the weather is unreal atm I'll try and post them this week.

  3. Holy Crap! I'm used to seeing gratuitous Bulge in band pics, but I've never seen such an epic Camel Toe! That looks painful...

  4. Thanks for this! Not only is this one of my very early record purchases (that, quite stupidly, got sold a few years later for "not being hardcore enough"), but the Fastbacks were one of the first "punk" bands I ever saw play live. Hearing these songs again definitely brings back some memories!

  5. No problems. I wonder how much this record is worth these days :) but we've all been there. I know I did the same type of thing.