Sunday, 10 January 2010

Necros (D.C.) - Hit & Run Demo (1981)

Sorry, I can't tell you alot about this band except it's not the Necros many will know, the ones from Maumee, this is the Washington DC lot. They were right in there with the rest of the scene, but are pretty much unknown.

I have a few more songs by them somewhere that I'll post sometime. They aren't your typical hardcore band, they were more loose and as a result this tape was really enjoyable to listen to. I'll get my arse in gear sometime and dig out more info; pics, band lineup etc.  In the meantime, enjoy.


P.S. The picture is copyrighted, please contact me if you with to use it :)


  1. Thanx Neil.......i'm gonna listen to this

  2. THanks I had forgotten about these guys, another similar case is the DC band Red C getting buried in the Red Cross associations.