Saturday, 9 January 2010

RF7 - Acts of Defiance 7'' (1980)

A sadly underrated band who continue to this day and have an extensive back catalogue, all of which is well worth exploring. This is their first 7'' released on the label started by the band, Smoke Seven records, who were responsible for some excellent records.

Comprised of: -

Felix Alanis - Vocals (& chainsaw)
Nick Danger (Lamagna) - Guitar
Randy Bio - Bass
Jim Hines - Drums

When I first got this record I really wasn't that keen on it and it sat in the back of a box of singles for about a year being unplayed. On a day much like today, 2 feet of snow and cold enough to freeze your dick off, I played records I'd ignored and this one hit me in a whole new way. Since that day I've been a true convert and own all their releases.

A great band, go buy their new release you won't be dissappointed.



  1. A great underrated band from Long Beach, CA. Smoke 7 did put out some great stuff. Nice post.

  2. I've got their Fall In "12, some good songs..not all of them. Bought this one years ago for $ 3,- They made a mistake in the record store.....Next week is was $ 33. In those days the dollar had a very good rate

    So.....the lucky bastard i was

    The music is here...

  3. haha bargin Topper. I've had a couple of those in my time, the best being when I worked in a record shop and a guy came in with the entire Dangerhouse back catalogue and he wamted 50pence each for them. I bit his hand off.

  4. Ha funny story.........Another story. 10 years ago i thought to sell some hardcore records (early '80s stuff), so i went to the local record store and asked if they were interested. I saw him sneaky smiling and rubbing his hands. Next morning i went to the store without my records and you must have seen his face....sorry mate i'm gonna keep them myself bye bye