Sunday, 10 January 2010

Slime - Controversial 7'' (1978)

Not the German band, but the UK one.

As I've said, I was a huge Damned fanatic and collected anything related to them until about 1985; I'm not a huge fan of the two Jugg albums. However, this release is a real classic and features Slimey Toad from Johnny Moped fame on guitar as well as the Captain.

Jock Sayers - vocals, bass
Slimey Toad - guitar, backing vocals
Captain Sensible - guitar
Jock Tate - drums, backing vocals

Jock Sayers warbley vocals do remind me of the Dickies at times...or is that the other way round? Bah, regardless this is a brilliant slice of 70's punk/new wave. Released in 1978 on toadstool records.

Any Damned fan will recognise the tune from b-side, Loony. It's credited to Slimey perhaps a slice of plagiarism here? :) Again though...who cares, the shrill chorus of Loony is great.



  1. For crist sake.......thought it was the german slime....duh as i was a damned diciple too and i'm very ashamed now of not knowing this

    Thank you Neil

  2. Heh, yeah I should have mentioned that it wasn't the German band :)