Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Second Wind - Security (1984)

A group formed out of the ashes of many others by: -

Bert Queiroz (Untouchables, Double-O, Rain, Manifesto, Youth Brigade)
Mike Brown (United Mutation)
Rich Moore (Untouchables, Double-O)
Steve Hansgen (Minor Threat, Governemt Issue, Weatherhead, Emmapeel)

Another one of those great incestuous DC bands.  This release was criticised for sounding too much like Minor Threat, but that was only a passing resemblance to MacKayes vocal style, they were more than that. It's a fine slab of DC punk and contains a great version of Mr Suit by Wire a song that really takes me back as a band I was in used to cover days.

I've added to the zip a copy of their demo recorded before they split up.  This is more in the Dag Nasty vein and shows a nice progression...shame they never managed to release it with some proper production as it's really good stuff.



  1. Bert Queiroz: I celebrate his whole catalog. He is severely underrated, as is this band. Great wax!

    I vote for a proper repressing with all the extras, bells and whistles.


  2. hi dear, any chance you can re fresh this link ???
    this would be really kind and great!
    cheers from germany

  3. Hi Kalle, the file is back up, enjoy :)