Friday, 29 January 2010

Gism - Detestation (1984)

I know most people will have heard this album...but it's a dedication to a friend.

I first heard this band when a mate grabbed a copy from someone based in London...on the first listening I hated it, on the second it was alright, on the third I loved it. I then spent the next 26 years trying to buy the fucking thing off him, and I never managed it. He had a love for foreign punk/hardcore and this album was a real gem.

Sadly that friend died last weekend and he'll be missed by many. I'll never forget him as he was an inspiration for my love of American Hardcore.

RIP Hebby......zagwah!


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Normal service will be resumed soon...

Little real life interference at the moment. I will be back soon. Happy first Birthday Kenny...great first year mate.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Monday, 11 January 2010

Aces - One Way Street (1981)

While Menace were still together three of the band: -

Steve Tannett - Guitar
Charlie Casey - Bass
Noel Martin - Drums

....played as the backup band to Vermilion as Vermilion & the Aces, releasing two 7''. After that stint finished and during which time Morgan Webster had left Menace, they produced this single as the Aces. I, like most other punks, loved Menace, so when this was released I snapped it up from the wonderful small wonder mail order service.

I wasn't disappointed, this is a great new wave effort.  Bloody annoying that they left so few recordings as the Aces and Menace. Slackers!


Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias - Skite (1978)

Most people will know the berts from the Snuff Rock or Heads Down, No-Nonsense, Mindless Boogie 7'', but they also released three good albums, Skite is my favourite.

Formed in 1973 by CP Lee, Bob Harding and Jimmy Hibbert, with the sole intention of taking the piss out of other bands, a feat which they easily achieved. However, whilst taking the piss they also created some really interesting and catchy music, hence the success of Heads Down, a Status Quo piss take.

Between 1976 and 1982 the released three albums and a number of 7'', all worth grabbing if you like this sort of thing. I appreciate the comedy factor in their music, but I appreciate the music more. There's a couple of duff tracks on this album, but ones like Mother Superior, Juan Lopes, 23 easily make up for them and there's also the great doo wop version of Anarchy in the UK.

Sadly they called it a day in '82, two years after singer Les Prior died. His snotty "punk" vocals were great, as Snuff Rock testifies. A word of caution though, if all you know is Snuff Rock this might come as a shock, it's not punk in any way.


CP Lee released a book a couple of years back that's really worth reading. Find it here.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Mastodon - Oblivion

One of my favourite tracks of 2009...their last album is a masterpiece.

Necros (D.C.) - Hit & Run Demo (1981)

Sorry, I can't tell you alot about this band except it's not the Necros many will know, the ones from Maumee, this is the Washington DC lot. They were right in there with the rest of the scene, but are pretty much unknown.

I have a few more songs by them somewhere that I'll post sometime. They aren't your typical hardcore band, they were more loose and as a result this tape was really enjoyable to listen to. I'll get my arse in gear sometime and dig out more info; pics, band lineup etc.  In the meantime, enjoy.


P.S. The picture is copyrighted, please contact me if you with to use it :)

The Dickies - Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Speaking of the Dickies here's a superb release from the late 80's. The title track is one of their best songs ever imo....the film it's from is also a cult classic. If you haven't seen it, track the thing down.


Slime - Controversial 7'' (1978)

Not the German band, but the UK one.

As I've said, I was a huge Damned fanatic and collected anything related to them until about 1985; I'm not a huge fan of the two Jugg albums. However, this release is a real classic and features Slimey Toad from Johnny Moped fame on guitar as well as the Captain.

Jock Sayers - vocals, bass
Slimey Toad - guitar, backing vocals
Captain Sensible - guitar
Jock Tate - drums, backing vocals

Jock Sayers warbley vocals do remind me of the Dickies at times...or is that the other way round? Bah, regardless this is a brilliant slice of 70's punk/new wave. Released in 1978 on toadstool records.

Any Damned fan will recognise the tune from b-side, Loony. It's credited to Slimey perhaps a slice of plagiarism here? :) Again though...who cares, the shrill chorus of Loony is great.


Fastbacks - ...And His Orchestra (1987)

The Fastbacks first album recorded between July 1985 - January 1986, and released in 1987. This is the same line up as the previous two and is equally as good.

Kim Warnick - Bass, Vocals
Lulu Gargiulo - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Kurt Bloch - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Richard Stuverud - Drums

Mediafire and lyrics here

Saturday, 9 January 2010

RF7 - Acts of Defiance 7'' (1980)

A sadly underrated band who continue to this day and have an extensive back catalogue, all of which is well worth exploring. This is their first 7'' released on the label started by the band, Smoke Seven records, who were responsible for some excellent records.

Comprised of: -

Felix Alanis - Vocals (& chainsaw)
Nick Danger (Lamagna) - Guitar
Randy Bio - Bass
Jim Hines - Drums

When I first got this record I really wasn't that keen on it and it sat in the back of a box of singles for about a year being unplayed. On a day much like today, 2 feet of snow and cold enough to freeze your dick off, I played records I'd ignored and this one hit me in a whole new way. Since that day I've been a true convert and own all their releases.

A great band, go buy their new release you won't be dissappointed.


Fastbacks - Everyday is Saturday (1984)

For Kenny.

The last release on the No Threes label for the Fastbacks. Equally as good as their previous efforts, if you've heard them you know what to expect.

This is the same line up as "five favorites".


Rain like the Sound of Trains (1993)

Sheesh...where to start.

This band epitomise the incestuous DC nature better than most. Started in the early 90's by: -

Bobby Sullivan - vocals
Pete Chramiec - Guitar
Doug Birdzell (aka Dug E. Bird)- Bass
Joshua LaRue (aka Josh Payne)- Drums

Between them they were in the following bands: -

Underground Soldier, Beefeater, Fidelity Jones, Sevens, Him, Verbal Assault, Lunchmeat, Soulside, Seven League Boots, Spontaneous Earth, The Sorts, Suture, Las Mordidas, All Scars, Jack O'Fire, The Boom and quite a few more besides.

Developing a quirky, rhythmic, funky sound they showed just how far the "post hardcore" sound could be taken. They gigged extensively, opened minds and entertained, but sadly lasted all too briefly and were defunct by '95.

Here you have their first two 7'' What I Want and Bad Man's Grave. They also released a great album and ep...which I'll upload some time.


Friday, 8 January 2010

Fastbacks - Play Five of their Favorites (1982)

Another mightly No Threes release and another mighty release by the Fastbacks. This is their second and was subsidised by a friend of the band. By now Duff had moved on, maybe to the Fartz or the Veins...I can't remember at the moment and I'm too lazy to walk across the room and look at the vinyl.

Anyway Duff was replaced by Richard Stuverud, who'd stay with the band for quite a long time, in Fastbacks terms, but would be one of the million drummers they had. Richard was one of four primary drummers and you can tell the difference from a "real" drummer and a bassist playing drums from their first release.

With some backing In America from this release could have been a hit. It's a great song and all five tracks are superb.


Pauline Murray & the Invisible Girls (1980)

There's certain artists who just grab you to the core, Pauline is one of these for me. I wish I was eloquent enough to verbalise just how much I love her voice, but i can't. If it was a person I'd marry it. So whilst having a trawl through my music I returned to this album, as I often do. It's a sublime piece of work.

Released in 1980 after Penetration died, Pauline and Robert Blamire (bass) formed the band with the assistance of a cast of thousands most notably: -

Martin Hannett - bass/keyboards/producer (s'fuck off over produced by Martin Hannett take 4)
John Maher - Drums (Buzzcocks)
Vini Reilly - Guitar (Durutti Column)
and more

How Dream Sequence wasn't a major hit for the band is a mystery. When you listen to the crap in the charts today and then listen to that song it's like chalk and cheese. Probably one of my favourite songs ever. Also if you've not heard the excellent 2008 Penetration 7'' 'Our World' pop across and give it a whirl here.


Dead Good Records (1979)

Quite possibly my favourite English record label. I don't think they ever released a duff record, each one was a bit of a stunner. Dead Good were based in Lincoln and I've zipped three of my faves here, both XS-Energy 7'' and the Whizz Kids 7''. There's not a bad track amoungst them.

Whizz Kids reposted.


Tank - Filth Hounds of Hades (1982)

This is Tanks first album and the one that most people agree is their finest hour.  Whilst I dearly love this album, I think their 3rd or 4th albums are better, but this one is definitely the punkiest. Filth Hounds has short, sharp and aggressive songs, short and sharp like punk,but with the technical wizardry of metal layered on top. A true mix of punk and metal.

I saw Tank supporting Motorhead three nights in a row in '82 as their then tour manager had been involved in The Damneds '81 tour. I worked for The Damned in '81.  He invited me to three nights at Newcastle city hall and on the third night I got royally drunk with Algy and Lemmy. I drank approximately 10% of their consumption and was three times as times though.

At this stage Tank were a three piece: -

Angly Ward - Bass/Vocals
Mark Brabbs – drums
Pete Brabbs – Guitar

I'd recommend this download as the entry to Tank if you've not heard them before.  They are hugely overlooked in the NWOBHM field, but pissed on ALL of their contemporaries. Tank, with Algy Ward, were an amazing band.

They're still going now, but Algy is no longer with them and it really shows.


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Merry Xmas from X

Inspired by Kenny when reading Days of our Youth I trundled on over to purchase my very own copy of this release and can highly reccomened it to anyone who has a penchant for the mightly X. Rather than me ramble on about them pop over to Kenny's place and read his ramblings as I couldn't add anymore.

In the meantime if you have 2 minutes 24 seconds to spare go watch this youtube video of X doing Los Angeles. It's just the best version I've heard them do...and I have a lot of their live shows.....Billy's guitar is simply awesum. X - Los Angeles .....I watch this video too much and everytime end up saying to myself "god, I fucking love X!"

Or X - The New World

Honest to goodness the bars werent open this morning
They must have been voting for a new president of something
Do you have a quarter?
I said yes because i did
Honest to goodness the tears have been falling all over the countrys face

It was better before before they voted for whats his name
This is suppose to be the new world
It was better before before they voted for whats his name
This is suppose to be the new world

Flint ford, auto mobil alabama
Windshield wiper, buffalo new york
Gary indiana, don't forget the motor city
Baltimore and all we need is

Don't forget the motor city
This was suppose to be the new world
Don't forget the motor city
This was suppose to be the new world

All we need is money, just give us what you can spare
Twenty or thirty pounds of potatoes or twenty of thirty beers
A turkey on thanks giving like alms for the poor
All we need are the necessities and more

It was better before before they voted for whats his name
This is suppose to be the new world
It was better before before they voted for whats his name
This is suppose to be the new world

Don't forget the motor city
This was suppose to be the new world
Don't forget the motor city
This was suppose to be the new world

Does anyone know if these videos come from an official release?  I really want a copy.

Target of Demand - Man's Ruin (1983)

A brutal slice of early 80's hardcore. If you like your music soft and gentle then avoid this like the plague, it'll make your ears bleed. A great band and a fantastic release from Happy Hermit records :) After they split some members formed Dissension.


Second Wind - Security (1984)

A group formed out of the ashes of many others by: -

Bert Queiroz (Untouchables, Double-O, Rain, Manifesto, Youth Brigade)
Mike Brown (United Mutation)
Rich Moore (Untouchables, Double-O)
Steve Hansgen (Minor Threat, Governemt Issue, Weatherhead, Emmapeel)

Another one of those great incestuous DC bands.  This release was criticised for sounding too much like Minor Threat, but that was only a passing resemblance to MacKayes vocal style, they were more than that. It's a fine slab of DC punk and contains a great version of Mr Suit by Wire a song that really takes me back as a band I was in used to cover days.

I've added to the zip a copy of their demo recorded before they split up.  This is more in the Dag Nasty vein and shows a nice progression...shame they never managed to release it with some proper production as it's really good stuff.


Saturday, 2 January 2010

Code of Honor - Beware the Savage Jaw (1984)

If I could only listen to 5 albums for the rest of my life, this would be one of them.

Formed at the tail end of 81 when Sick Pleasure lost their singer, happily for the world, Johnathan Christ was able to step in as his previous band, Society Dog, had come to an end. The band released one 7'' "What are we Gonna Do" a split album with Sick Pleasure and this album.

Comprised of: -

Johnathin Christ - Vocals
Michael D Fox - Guitar
Dave Chavez  - Bass
Sal Paradise - Drums

Their first two releases show that hardcore didn't have to follow a standard path and could have it's horizons pushed. Both are excellent releases and are "must haves". However, Beware the Saveage Jaw is where they blew me away.

I was trading records with Americans in the 80's and received this one in a tatty form from a guy who, thought, he'd ripped me off.  He sent me a lot of stuff I hadn't asked for and took some very good stuff in return. I was pissed off at first, but would now thank him as he sent me this record in '84 and I've loved it ever since. This album is one of the pariahs of the punk world and is still dismissed by people who don't sit down and listen to it. This ISN'T an instant album, it takes a few listens, but if/when it clicks it's very rewarding.

All the band could really play their instruments and this release is where they got to show that in fine detail. There isn't a bad track on it and each one flows with intricate bass, guitar and drums, all tied together with Johnathins excellent lyrics and snotty voice. If you haven't heard it, I can't give a fair description of what it sounds like, but it's punk based, pushed beyond it's limits.

I've said previously that there's bands that leave you feeling robbed, Code of Honor are number one on my list. I can only dream of the music that they could have gone on to produce had they survived.

I could drone on about this album for years, but rather than do that can I suggest that you go buy their recently released discography CD from the mighty Subterranean records here Support the label and the band, they both deserve it and the CD's very nice.


Lyrics here: - lyrics

Overkill - Discography

Not the New York trash metal band, but the LA band formed in 1980 by Ron Cordy & Kurt Markham. After a few false starts with various personnel the band settled upon: -

Merrill Ward -Vocals
Jeff Dimick - Guitar
Ron Cordy - Bass
Kurt Markham - Drums

Completed by Felice LoCoco on guitar they kicked off their own brand of punk mixed with heavy metal in anger.  This was before the crossover was fashionable and meant the band were greeted with mixed reactions from some. They never choose to follow the fashionable/easy route, either punk or metal, and maintained a mid paced sound throughout

Coupled here are their 7'' - Hell's Getting Hotter.  A great slab of punk, more in line with British punk than American hardcore in my opinion.  I base that purely on the mid-tempo pace, but it's still unmistakeably American.

Their album "Triumph of the Will", slated by many as being a second rate metal album, but this is a blinkered and ill-informed view. This IS Overkill, they weren't trying to follow a trend, this is the direction they were always travelling and it's a damn fine album. After a few listens you can't help but sing along as the songs are so catchy.

A demo, debatably from 84, with a stonking version of Blitzkrieg Bop.

They effectively split in 83 after Merril was kicked out and Ron quit to play in Bitch. Overkill are more than just a footnote in punk and hopefully after listening to this you'll agree. Incidentally, Merrill Ward was also in Nig Heist and sang in SWA with Chuck Dukowski.