Sunday, 2 January 2011

Burning Airlines - Mission: Control! (1999)

Speaking of J Robbins; during the last days of Jawbox he and Bill Barbot had been jamming with Pete Moffett and even toyed with the idea of bringing him into the band, but events moved on and Jawbox split up.

The next logical step was to continue what had been a jamming session into a band and 'hey presto' we have Burning Airlines. They promptly released a 7'', followed closely by this album. Soon after Bill Barbot left the band due to real life commitments and was replaced by Mike Harbin.

Things were looking ok and the band was touring extensively when in 2001 September 11th occurred and venues refused to book, or promote the band, due to the name. They'd actually taken the name from a Brian Eno song, but none the less this appeared to be a killing blow and they split in 2002.

They also released a second album in 2001 called Identikit and a couple of split singles, all of which are worth tracking down.



  1. downloading this right now! Do you remember an OC band called Catch 22? They had a single on Posh Boy called Stop The Cycle. I have the whole recording session and the quality is awesome. Let me know if you want it.

  2. Yes please Ken. Can youm send it to my google address please....cheers :)

  3. No worries, I have misplaced some tracks and will need to extract them from my iPod. Give me a few days as I need to buy Copytrans in order to do so. Well worth the wait. Typical early 80's OC Hardcore. Have you heard Mad Parade BTW??

  4. Oh I forgot, have you heard Off yet? Keith Morris' new band. I have the album if you want it. Sounds like Nervous Breakdown era Black Flag

  5. Got the lick Ken, I'll let you know what I think..cheers.

    Yeah I know Mad Parade, they were big in my area way back when.....with songs like right is right how could they not be :)

    ...and yep I've got th Off! stuff. I ordered it a while ago and love them. Pretty much anything Keith touches is a+ in my book.

  6. Check out a podcast review of Mission: Control! by Burning Airlines on Dig Me Out at, a weekly podcast dedicated to revisiting lost and forgotten rock of the 90s.

  7. Hey Dig....I think Burning Airlines were better than Jawbox....blasphemy or not :)