Saturday, 1 January 2011

Mike Watt

Hmmmmm where to start with Watt, so many recordings and so varied, but all displaying a great, great bass player and song writer.

He came to prominence with the Minutemen who purveyed short, punky, jazzy songs and were very prolific. Sadly their career was cut all too short with the untimely death of D Boon in '85. What the world missed out on with this groups demise can only be imagined; I'd loved to have seen where they would have taken their music.

He formed Firehose as a way to continue and cope with the death of his friend, they fell apart in the early 90's. He was married to Kira Roessler (Black Flag) and formed dos with her and they released a number of interesting, if patchy, albums. He's played with Porno for Pyros, Sonic Youth and the Stooges to name a few. The man has a goldmine of music that needs to be mined. I'll post a couple of things later on, but for now here's a taster of the man and his musical background.

Blues for Bukowski with Chris Murphy below is a song I can't stop playing....genius.





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