Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Patrick - Immigrant (198x)

Another Sunderland way band. I remember seeing these guys a few times at the Bunker/Station and possibly Riverside. They always managed to impress. This is their single release, at least I don't recall others, I was told they had a demo tape, but I never managed to track this down.

This is a good 7'', it's punk in the broader sense, but by the time of this release the band had become more sophisticated and this is reflected in the music. A band consisting of: -

Phil McCarran- Vocals
John Collison - Guitar
Booga - Bass
Jim Tate - Drums

If anyone can fill in any blanks, or help in supplying other material, please drop me a line/comment. I borrowed the pic below from elsewhere.


Thanks to anon for directing me to this video: -


  1. I have this record. I got the last copy in the Virgin shop in Newcastle in the summer of 1985 (I think). Peel played it several times. I did write to the band at the time, but never got a reply.

    Good to see someone else loved it.

  2. Nice one Jelltex, another fan. Sadly this post has received very little interest which is a real shame as people are missing out.

  3. i bought this single too, saw them a few times at the Bunker (supporting Billy Bragg), at the Guildhall in Newcastle, and also at the Riverside (i think), they were also on Tyne Tees TV which is posted on Youtube, they play both sides of this single.

  4. I am amazed to find this.i shared a house with Phill in Sunderland, i used to drive the band to gigs as i was the only one with a licence. They
    played all the usual north east gigs but also a couple in Birmingham and London. There was interest from Red Rhino Records i think! The band were sometimes compared to U2 at the time but only because John used a copy cat tape loop on his guitar.i believe john was the songwriter. i dont know what happened to the band but like me phil was a student and moved onto another college. booga the bass was approach by new model army but didnt join them. I bumped into Phil in oxford in the nineties. Driving the band was a good time in my life.i had forgotten how good they were.thanks

  5. Nice recollection man, I don't suppose you have any demo tapes laying around?

    1. Only in my head.They rehersed in the Bunker of course. I remember them jamming around and Jim started banging out this recognisable beat, booga picked up on it on the bass then John and Phil knew the words. Strangely it was ' i'm in love with a German film star.' it was wonderful and edgey and an enduring memory.

  6. Saw them loads of times in Middlesbrough (Ossies Bar, Teesside Polytechnic, Dovecot Arts Centre and a few more the memory bank has forgotten). They were bigger on Teesside than they were on home turf - I think the guy who ran their info service lived in Grangetown; Middlesbrough that is! They were great live and the single was nice to have something of substance but I felt it was slightly under produced. I actually possess a live recording of their gig at Ossies Bar/Teesside Poly - I forget which one (I think it was 1984), somewhere in my music collection. We all thought they were going to be massive but they split asunder before they played the Dovecot Arts Centre in Stockton on Tees. I recollect that Jim the lead singer from Ireland and I think Booga were dismissed from the band in quite acromonious circumstances. The atmosphere at the Stockton gig when only two original members walked onstage was quite subdued. What we didn't know back then that was the last time we ever saw them play live. Great memories of an excellent live band. I wonder where they all are now?

  7. I'm getting Phil and Jim mixed up. It was Phil who left the band and Booga I think.

  8. Hey Sinner, if you ever find that recording throw me a copy please, I'd love to post it. I also wonder where they all now...probably working in an office somewhere :)

  9. Booga has a site he made about the Bunker in Sunderland at

  10. Thanks for the heads up Kim. I've added a link from here to there, and can recommend it as a good jounrney back in time to anyone who was there.

  11. They also played The Station in Gateshead as a three piece, John- guitar/vocals, Gerry McCulloch -bass, Jim- drums.
    They were the local band who made me want to play in a band. Travelled with them to some early gigs. The Filmore in Saltburn brings back great memories.