Monday, 3 January 2011

Jones Very - Words and Ways (1989)

After the breakup of Articles of Faith Vic Bondi released a solo album and worked on Microsofts encarta project as well as teaching. He then formed Jones Very, named after the Salem poet, with Jeffrey Goddard and Jamie Van Bramer. They lasted a few years and threw out a handful of recordings, this being the first.

If you know Vic Bondi you'll know what to expect. Vic deserves so much more credit than the scant praise he receives, the man is a great stalwart of punk/hardcore.



  1. Great album with the lamest art work ever.
    Maybe I will get around to re-posting their later works soon. I loved doing that series though it garnered almost no response from readers.

  2. Yeah sadly people seem lost on this band, I can't work out why. Let me know if you do re-up the files Jeffen and GREAT work on the Strummer series mate.