Saturday, 1 January 2011

Genocide Exit - Future Vibes ep

I hate my memory, it's way past its sell by date, consequently I can't recall allot about this band. They're local, but I can't remember if they're from Durham or Sunderland way. I also can't remember when this single was released, I want to say 1979, but it might have been '80.

I can tell you that when I was a nipper this was a "must have" record among my friends. It's a classic early piece of punk and should appear on more lists etc. They were likened to Penetration, maybe coz they have a female singer, maybe coz they're from the North East.

This record is still a "MUST HAVE" in my opinion and I'd completely forgotten about it until last year, as my records have been locked away for 20 years gathering dust, so it was great hearing it again. This was released on the excellent local record label Slam.

If there's anyone out there that can supply more information on the band, please contact me as I'd love to fill in the blanks. The band deserves it. 

You need this.



  1. awesome stuff here! Never heard of them before. Reminds me of Manufactured Romance a bit. Great single!

  2. I know they had a track on this patchy but rare comp that I bought from Durham Book Centre back in the day:

  3. Nice one Graeme, thanks for that.

    I remember seeing this compilation in second hand record shops in the early 80's but never bought it....silly really, it's good.

  4. Hello Neil,

    is there a chance to re-fresh the link for the Genocide Exit EP. That would be great!

    Best from Germany, Ralf

  5. Not a problem Ralf, please keep an eye on here. I'll repost is over the next couple of days.

  6. Laura Jane Gray singer from Newcastle way, The lead guitar was a Winlaton lad, the bass was Ian Waugh from Greenside near Ryton.

  7. Used to play the Townley Arm in Rowlands Gill, the Anson (Penny Wet) in Wallsend and other small venues around Newcastle. Made a video in the Dunston Rocket once, but no idea what became of that.