Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Captain Sensible - The Universe of Geoffrey Brown (1993)

Captain Sensible is a genius in my book, a quintessential English song writer, right up there with Ray Davis, Robin Hitchcock or Andy Partridge. Sadly he'll never get that recognition, or be placed in such luminous company, as he'll always been seen as the buffoon in the hat who wears dresses and gets his cock out on stage.

His records always take me to a happier time when life was simpler, images of crumpets on the lawn or the crack of leather on willow come to mind when I listen to him. This album is his crowning glory, a truly wonderful concept album displaying everything that Ray does best; pop songs with great hooks and a guitar virtuosity that is seldom rivalled.

This is the story of Geoffrey Brown whose sedate suburban life is thrown into turmoil when he's contacted by aliens who try to warn him of the earths pending demise. He endures the ridicule of friends and family only to be redeemed in the end. There's also a slant on how we treat people as commodities to be devoured by an increasingly salacious press.

This is Sensible at his best, all 60's psychedelia and swirling guitars, a sweeter man you couldn't wish to meet and a better album he'll be hard pushed to beat. Enjoy.



  1. Fantastic album,you're right,Cap is genuinely in love with music...

  2. Hey Roberto, glad you like amn. Hope you hada nice christmas.

  3. Never heard this before but you've sold it to me,m8! The Captain lives across the street from me in Brighton and is an absolute gentleman,always stopping to say "hello",and popping up at local gigs - Notably Judge Trev(of Inner City Unit)'s 60th birthday party recently,and then at the sad occasion of Trev's wake not long after.
    As I said,a gentleman.Thanks again ;)

  4. I hope you like it. Next time you see Sensible tell him to stop slacking and release some more solo stuff...oh and a new Damned album. :)

  5. Your absolutely right...Captain has always been very underestimated as a exceptionally talented songwriter. This album is Captain at his finest..